How to Choose a Colour Scheme for Your Bedroom

If you are embarking on revitalising your bedroom courtesy of a fresh new colour scheme, you may be wondering where to start when it comes to choosing the perfect shades. Whether you have a penchant for all-out bold, statement colours or you are more for a muted palette, our guide on how to choose a colour scheme for your bedroom should provide the help you need, and a splash of inspiration too.

Bedroom Layout

How do you want your bedroom to make you feel?

Colours help set the mood for any space, so it is important when thinking about bedroom colour scheme ideas to consider how you want to feel when you’re in the room. For most, a calm and soothing bedroom is the order of the day, and the night. But for others, waking up in a vibrantly decorated room is precisely what prepares them for the day ahead.

If you are inclined towards creating a calm environment, choosing matching tones will help achieve a restful space. On the other hand, a few theatrical contrasts will add a touch of drama and vitality.

It really boils down to whether you are a morning or evening person. For those who are ready for action from the early hours, an energising bedroom colour scheme will generally work best. But for people who tend to come alive as evening falls, a sumptuous and richly coloured backdrop is usually more fitting.

How is your bedroom lit?

The orientation of your bedroom is another important aspect when it comes to bedroom colour design. A north-facing bedroom for example will have cooler light, which means you will need to warm it up with orange, yellow and pink shades. If you have a south-facing bedroom, it is likely it will have its own natural glow, so you can if you wish opt for more of a cooler colour scheme such as grey or blue.

East-facing bedrooms tend to receive the sun earlier in the day, whilst west-facing rooms are sunlit in the afternoons. Both are well-balanced and therefore lend themselves to blues and greens.

It is also important to factor in non-natural bedroom lighting too. Colours change in dramatic fashion under artificial light. Dark colour schemes will appear almost black, pale colours will take on a more creamy hue, and even neutrals will deepen to a certain degree. Bear all of this in mind when considering bedroom colour scheme ideas and you will have a better chance of achieving what you envisage for your newly designed bedroom.

Bedroom LAMP Ideas

What colour is your bed or headboard?

As a bed and its headboard form the focal point of a bedroom, a good interior design tip for bedroom colour design is to pick out accents from these and incorporate them into your main colour scheme. This could mean choosing an accent wall to paint or wallpaper, whilst leaving the others a more neutral shade.

Whether you decide to contrast your accent colours, or match them, the process will help to add detail and depth to the overall look of the room.

Try accessorising with colour

Rather than picking paint for a bedroom makeover, you may wish to opt for a neutral bedroom colour scheme, and then accessorise with colour.

Accent colours can be introduced courtesy of rugs, cushions, throws, linens, artwork and lampshades. This is an ideal way to test the boundaries of your attitude to bold colours, without committing to a more permanently adventurous colour scheme. You never know, next time you redecorate your bedroom, you may decide to be a little more daring. Or maybe you will pare it back even more.

Inspirational bedroom colour design

Choosing the right colour scheme for your bedroom really can make a difference to how you feel about the space, and to how it makes you feel too.

Carefully considered bedroom colour design is one of the most important elements of interior design. If you are looking to create a certain vibe for your bedroom, you are welcome to get in touch to discuss your project.

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