At Stephenson Wright, we are privileged to have worked on a very diverse portfolio of interior design projects. As well as playing a role in a variety of high end residential projects both in the UK and abroad, we have been honoured to design on one of the UK’s largest new build private homes, a 44,000 sq. foot home featuring a spa, swimming pool, wine cellar, underground garage for a super car collection and an industrial kitchen. 

It was also very rewarding to have worked on the reinvention of west London restaurant the Mayfair Chippy, together with the interior design of prestigious Silian Art Gallery on the King’s Road.

You can peruse some of our more recent projects in our interior design portfolio.

Whatever shape your Esher interior design or interior architecture project takes, you can be assured that we will dedicate ourselves to ensuring your brief is met, that your practical lifestyle needs are always considered, and that your personality shines through every facet of the property’s design.