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design et al are delighted to announce that Stephenson Wright have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Europe Award within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2018.

This project involved the complete overhaul to all the architectural elements of a traditional Portuguese villa with the introduction of new clean sleek lines, natural stone cladding & oversized tall windows creating a beautiful back drop to the fresh white interior design scheme. Having bought a villa in the Algarve as a second home, the brief was to create a contemporary family home for them to make summer memories. The client was clear that the villa should be predominantly white with pops of colour and hints of luxury; however, family life is the centre of this home and white must also be practical! Areas inside and out had to be able to comfortably seat the whole family and friends – this was key.

Stephenson Wright

Stephenson Wright wanted to therefore create a tranquil and serene home from home, for this energetic family to entertain guests in an environment rivalling their favourite luxury destination hotels. The colour palette evolved from ‘stark white’ to neutral tones of off white and soft silvers, alongside natural textures and injections of colour within the artwork and accessories. Vistas through doors and windows were important and the client wanted to be able to see feature lighting from the moment she approached the house outside. This followed through into the living areas and through each opening one sees an interesting light or art piece.

Stephenson Wright

Stephenson Wright collaborating with the delightful international architect Jutta Hoehn and a team of reliable contractors was key to this projects swift and successful turnaround. The team took on board instructions and made them a reality and the resulting architecture/interior architecture/interior design synergy was made. The focus on family living was key for the ground floor open plan areas with a large over-scaled deeply comfortable sofa and the introduction of soft textural elements. The hand-made coconut shell pendant light created a hanging sculpture at the heart of the main living space alongside the custom designed furniture in tonal timbers and a playful array of inviting cushions and textural accessories.

Stephenson Wright

Whilst much of the interior is white as per the brief; Stephenson Wright encouraged the client to introduce texture in fabrics and wallpaper into the interior which was a huge success and makes such a difference. Stephenson Wright designed furniture in tonal timbers and metals rather than white furniture and by including these we were able to bring warmth and subtle tones into the home. This is most noticeable in the living room and master bedroom. The serene view to the updated pool area was the only invitation you need to join the bliss of the outdoor world sitting at the core of villa life; with colourful prints on the cushions combined with beautiful Belgian upholstered outdoor furniture and sculptural lighting, the outdoor space really does take on its own personality both day and night.

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Interview with Design et al for the awards- October 2017

Tell us a little about your background in design (education, experience, etc)

Juliette: My childhood was spent visiting endless stately homes with my parents so an obsession with interiors began very early. I recall marvelling at chandeliers and silk walling. It means such a great deal to me now to take my own daughter to these same inspirational buildings. An art foundation Diploma and a BAHons degree in Interior Design & Architecture were a natural progression and formed a solid educational grounding.

Natalie: Design has been a part of my life since as long as I can remember, with my mother as an award winning landscape designer and father as a director of photography, we have always held creative thinking at the center of our hearts. I learnt from an early age to be courageous and inventive with my art and design during my school years and went on to train through a Diploma in Design at the highly recognized KLC School of Design in 2004.

So how did we meet we hear you ask?  At Helen Green Design in 2005 when our eyes met across a scheming table and the rest is history!


How would you describe your personal interior design style?

Timeless elegant living.  Design that stands the test of time with style injected through our many avenues of inspiration.  Often influence can be discovered within the property architecture, the clients passions themselves, our latest treasured finds and our little black book of creative solutions.  There is always a thread running through our projects of textural layering, elegant lines and timeless pieces both in the interior architecture and the furniture, soft furnishings and accessories.  Often the final layer is the one that makes the project sing, just one piece of well selected art will cleverly tie everything together and finish the story. Our look is varied and considered dependent on where our journey is born from.

We tend to steer clear of products which are too uptight and over designed, for us less is more.  The key for us is to create a harmonious balance by adding detail and originality whilst remembering our clients are ultimately going to be living in that space and so the main focus is to maintain comfort and relaxation. Our clients are always happiest if they can enjoy and show off their spaces without feeling like there’s too much pressure to keep them perfect. We ensure our designs are always practical and have longevity. What motivates us above all is when we revisit past projects and our clients are still as in love with the space as they were when we handed them over.


Where does your design inspiration come from?

The true beauty of design is that inspiration can come from anywhere and is everywhere. This is our passion; we constantly send each other delicious images of all manner of things we come across, often acting as a seed for our own designs. Inspiration often comes from a piece of artwork, or pulls from nature, resulting in layering of texture and the incorporation of bespoke, hand crafted pieces.

Design is everywhere if your eyes are open to it – friends are constantly amused how we can suddenly stop in our tracks and remark ‘Oooh that would be perfect for so and so’s project’.


In what direction do you feel that design is moving towards in a general sense?

Quality, value for money and thoughtful design still remain true and certainly over the last 20 years we have not seen these core client requests alter.


Clients accessibility to Interior Design imagery and our sourcebooks will continue to push our quest for new and bespoke pieces.


However what will influence design are the tools around it; such as extraordinary technological developments – quickly creating ultra realistic ‘fly through’ virtual reality interiors for clients to walk through their homes before they are built.


Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2017 and beyond.

  1. Support – of local artisans.
  2. Consistency- of quality suppliers.
  3. Fresh- approach to each brief.
  4. Pleasure – of the journey
  5. Integrity- of how to fuse old and new, particularly applicable for our new build 44,000 sq ft mansion whereby we are striving to ensure the finishes and selections have a depth of choice that they stand the test of time and blend seamlessly with our clients existing furniture and art pieces.


If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to interior design schemes, what would it be?

Site measure the furniture – physically stand in the space and walk the room to check everything will fit, then use masking tape on the floor and walls (heights are also important!) to highlight key pieces. It’s amazing what presents itself when you do this!


How important are The International Design and Architecture Awards as recognition of talent and achievement?

Recognition is a core component of success and drives us to constantly improve and deliver exceptional design projects. This is an ethos we hold very strongly within SW Ltd. Externally, amongst our peers and potential clients, a leading Award, from IDAA, showcases our talent to a wider audience to achieve industry wide recognition, so we approach this with much respect and excitement.


What projects are you currently working on?

  • Full interior architecture and design for a 44,000 sqft Private residential mansion being built in Surrey for completion in 2018.
  • Currently installing the interior of a 3,000 sqft lateral apartment in Kensington, London (for a Private overseas client) which was completely stripped and refurbished.
  • The complete refurbishment of a 7,000 sqft Victorian townhouse in Barnes, London; a two year project for a repeat private client who has excellent taste.
  • A quirky Guesthouse in Ham, Richmond


What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?

Continuing to build an inspirational and supportive team, you are only as good as your people.


Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself

Your most treasured possession? Both- Family photographs, often beautifully framed and up on the walls to remind us everyday of special moments captured by incredible artists.


Your favourite holiday destination? Juliette: South Africa – we have been visiting for 14 years and our hearts are very much rooted there now. Not to mention the amazing Interior inspiration everywhere.

Natalie: The Maldives where my partner and I shared our wedding blessing this year with family and friends is such a unique corner of the world. The vibrancy of colour in the marine life holds the most diverse strength of colour and pattern- just beautiful & breath-taking.


Your favourite hotel / restaurant / bar? Juliette: La Petit Ferme, Franshhoek, SAF Overlooking the valley on a gorgeous sunny afternoon is my happy place.

Natalie: The Mayfair Chippy on North Audley street has the most delicious braised lamb shoulder shepherds pie and lovely friendly staff; besides it’s pretty hard to beat eating in a restaurant that your team have designed and were shortlisted an award for.  If you want to discover a hidden gem then its worth searching out if you’re on Oxford street it’s a stones throw away.  Plug over.


Your favourite book / film / song? Juliette: I love the set design, music, costumes and total quirkiness of Moulin Rouge.

Natalie: I am always transported back to my childhood with Direstraits song ‘Romeo and Juliet’ which I do find quite amusing now with my design soul mate sharing the same name, I often sing her a quick love song.


Your favourite food and drink? Both: A delicious, cool, oaky South African wooded Chardonnay; Maybe from Moreson or Bouchard Finlayson. Natalie has been well and truly converted.


Your favourite way to spend an afternoon?  Juliette: With friends and our children in the garden sharing good food, wine and stories.

Natalie: Visiting my mothers garden on a sunny afternoon and enjoying the beautiful space she created with her own version of a natural chalk stream running through which our daughter Amaya is always drawn to like a magnet.  Of course accompanied by a glass of wine, my husband and my SLR camera attempting to capture a beautiful photograph.


If you weren’t a designer, what would you be? Just cannot even imagine this but I do now (for obvious reasons, see above!) have fantasies about owning a boutique hotel and vineyard.

Natalie: I’d love to have been an artist or sculptor, creating pieces that I could put up on my walls, enjoy and then pass down to my children.


Anything else interesting?

We are both mothers to daughters who are showing early signs of being mini protégés! A strong work ethic is something we hope passes down to them from seeing us build our own business yet also be present for them.


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Natalie & Juliette will be judges on the panel at the George Smith & KLC furniture design competition – April 17

KLC imagery



Date: Thursday 27th April 2017

Time: 4:30pm – 6pm (arrivals 4:30 then 4 student presentations at 4:45, followed by drinks and networking)

Location: George Smith, 587-589 Kings Road, London SW6 2EH


George Smith is inviting KLC students from the FT Diploma January 2017 cohort to design an upholstered chair that could be added to its range and introduced to a global market. The chair should be a piece that could eventually become part of a one of the George Smith current collections: Signature Chairs, Small Chairs, Outdoor Chairs, Study Chairs, Dining Chairs. The chair should adhere to George Smith’s ethos – luxurious, imaginative, quality materials, attention to detail, versatile, practical and comfortable. All of George Smith’s pieces are intended to be lived in, comfort is at the forefront. All designs are to be submitted after Easter break and 4 shortlisted designs will be chosen.


George Smith creates exceptional upholstered furniture. Each remarkable piece is meticulously handmade at our workshops in the north of England using traditional methods. Timeless and eminently versatile, George Smith’s furniture lends itself to diverse design schemes, from the contemporary to the traditional. Whether you are selecting from their own distinguished collection, or commissioning a unique bespoke design, the George Smith name is a guarantee of outstanding craftsmanship and service. George Smith’s flagship showroom is on Kings Road in London and they also have showrooms in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and distributors worldwide.


George Smith is offering the chance for the best design, chosen by the expert panel, to be made into a working form. From here the company would look to gain customer feedback and possibly introduce it into the market. The winner will be gifted the piece after the launch period is over.


The designs will be shortlisted then the four finalists will pitch their designs live to interior designers Suzy Hoodless and Natalie Stephenson & Juliette Wright, Living Etc editor Suzanne Imre, and George Smith sales director Andrew Krisson on Thursday 27th April from 4:30pm-6pm at George Smith’s London showroom. All students on this course, even those not shortlisted, are encouraged to attend this presentation and networking drinks.

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Project review


Set on the side of a tranquil lake of outstanding natural beauty, the Lakehouse combines sustainable contemporary design with country house luxury.  Stephenson Wright were inspired by the potential to integrate nature into their design. This can be seen in the installation of forty bronze leaves set against a textured wallpaper in the library, with bronze door handles cast to emulate branches and tree bark.  The 3 metre light installation in the Entrance Hall was a bespoke collaboration to emulate falling Autumn leaves, and the supplier worked with them to obtain the perfect copper colour to achieve this. This piece looks stunning when approaching the house externally as it glows through a large glass window and creates intricate shadows.

Stephenson Wright got to know their client and her family very well and felt like they had a deep understanding of the way they lived. They were able to create a home to reflect them, offering a unique design with a hint of humour and of course practicality of use. The colours, tones and textures they used allow the open plan space to flow perfectly, with exciting glimpses of beautiful bespoke artwork, joinery and lighting around each corner. Their client was open to using antique finds which we sourced alongside new modern pieces, leaving a successful blend of unexpected design.  The colour schemes they used emulate the outside environment and make for a peaceful experience rather than a trendy statement.


The space has such a feeling of calm; when you enter the house you are immediately hit by the scale of the property with 4 metre tall ceilings and full height glass windows. The view of the Lake is breathtaking and all who visit the property are taken aback by the quality of materials used and feeling of harmony that Stephenson Wright brought to the space.